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Rentals and Sales: From Corporation to Co-operation

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Rentals and Sales: From Corporation to Co-operation

From Corporation to Co-operation

While the British housing crisis continues to shape the fabric upon which property is bought, sold and rented, we at Rentals and Sales are geared towards maintaining our positivity based on the ethos that we live by as individuals and property specialists.

As letting and property specialists operating since 1990 we have watched the UK property landscape evolve into what it has today, and despite poor political drivers negatively affecting the price of rentals and sales in the UK, the way big corporations treat UK residents has an equal part to play in the British housing crisis.

We want to take you on a journey through our beginnings, our history, our ethos, and our inspiration.

Humble Beginnings

The journey into property began when founder Tara Rez at the age of 16 found herself homeless on the streets of London and luckily secured a position in a leading London letting company.

After surviving tough times which even included resorting to sleeping under her desk,she worked her way from the bottom up the company, to be the most successful Sales &Training agent within it. Lettings was a new unregulated industry and the more she learned how the company handled its affairs -the less she could wholeheartedly commit to them. At the age of 19, she started on her own company ‘Rentals’, with just £35 cash investment

Housing had provided her with a home and an opportunity to grow positively. It was personal for her, to help people find a home or learn how best to rent their home. From this moment Tara had a fire in her that subsequently drove her success.

Inspiration During the British Housing Crisis

The truth is that do not consider themselves as just estate agents – everyone even comments that they are more than this.

It is our understanding and experience of the benefits and problems of the UK property industry that has earned us the privilege of being called property specialists. There are too many negative associations attached to the roles of property and lettings agents that we tend to avoid them entirely – we are specialists, here to help the people in their property journey.

Problems within the UK property industry that are directly related to the 2008 British Housing crisis and more include dishonesty and greed within the industry.

Bigger corporations to this day, overdrive their staff, misadvise innocent people looking for property advice, and just generally abuse the UK property consumer,whether local or immigrant.

It is this foul play that caused the 2008 crash that continues to dominate the goodwill of property specialists such as R & S – but not for long!

Our Ethos

Despite the negativity surrounding the inspiration for our ethos, the outcome is positive and really does embody the phrase ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

The truth is, are property specialists for the people, by the people, and quite simply put are real people who have a passion for helping real people in the absence of corporate greed.

Our ethos is centered around moving from a corporation stance to a co-operation stance and for this reason, we do everything in our power to make sure that our clients and potential clients are well looked after.

Rentals and Sales property specialist’s ethos ensure:

  • A genuine, trustworthy and honest approach toward communicating all property related queries to clients.

We promote a culture of hard work ethic, transparency, and efficiency.

We put our clients at the helm with a caring attitude that ensures that their best interests are always kept safe throughout the lettings or sales process.

We ensure that there are no hidden tenant or admin fees that would put any monetary strain on our clients.

Our goal at Rentals and Sales UK is to bring a sense of trustworthiness to the consumer. Our history spans over 28 years, and we still have the children of our previous clients, as our existing clients.

With relationships that transcend over 3 decades of property knowledge, Rentals and Sales will shine a new light on the UK property industry.