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5 Things You Need to do Before You List Your Property Online

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5 Things You Need to do Before You List Your Property Online

Selling or renting out a home can be quite daunting for first-timers. There is a multitude of aspects that need to be considered before you do so, many things it would be beneficial to do prior to selling your own property through a private house selling agent or listings agency. Not to worry though, we’ve put together what we think are the 5 things you need to do before you list your property online.

When looking to sell your property, use the following information as a bible and make sure to do everything we say, not missing a single step – this will make the process swifter and less precarious. It’ll also make this process much less expensive.


You’re about to sell your property so this first one shouldn’t be a problem at all thanks to storage units. If you are looking to make your home look bigger and more expensive, clear out half of your stuff. We’re serious, rent a storage unit and store everything except the essentials in it.


It may seem like quite a bit of work up front, but the benefit will be tenfold. Focus especially on countertops, kists (chests), shelves, the kitchen, living area, and master bedroom. The surfaces of your house or apartment should be spotless and decluttered. Leave only items that add to the look and feel of each room.

You want potential buyers or lessees to believe that the place has more space than they can use – this means removing everything from the cupboard floors and strategically leaving one or two of the shelves empty.

Hire a cleaning service

This part is important. A simple yet effective touch. If you’d rather do it yourself, that’s fine, but make sure to be thorough! The beauty of hiring a cleaning service is that that they’re fast and will clean your house to the point where you’d be able to eat off of the floor.


First impressions last – remember that. Further to that, cleaning services are affordable. People often overlook this step but if your house is in an immaculate state, it will work wonders for the value and marketability. Especially for the sale of your property online. The pictures literally need to be perfect!


Before getting a property valuation, consider minor adjustments to your home. If you are looking to upgrading your property speedily, refurbishment could be a beneficial option for you. Having to rebuild, renovate or extend can be time-consuming, and stressful.


There is a lot of value in minor changes such as re-plastering, a fresh lick of paint and even replacing door handles. The primary advantage of refurbishment is that your house will be available to sell or let in a shorter amount of time as opposed to renovating or rebuilding.

Have your property inspected

Inspection is normally conducted by the buyer, sure, but why not be well prepared and hire someone to inspect before the buyer? Why would you do that? To be one step ahead of course.


Essentially what this will do is give you the opportunity to repair any problems, and even budget for said repairs of problems in advance. Trust us, it’ll result in fewer headaches when it comes to the actual sale of the property, meaning less stress and a swifter transaction.

This step will also add value to your house when your online estate agent inevitably lists your property online because as we’ve already established, minor refurbishments and new additions are attractive to future buyers.

Home staging

Many people wouldn’t have heard of this, but it’s most certainly worth considering if you are looking to make your property more appealing to the highest possible number of potential buyers. Home stagers come in and prepare your house in such a way that it is attractive to a broader spectrum of buyers.

These are highly specialised people whose techniques focus on improving a property's appeal by altering it from a decorative perspective. They transform it into a welcoming appealing space that most people would want. This results in a higher and swifter sale.

Through the use of art, ornaments, tasteful lighting, indoor plants, and rugs (carpets), to give potential buyers an excellent first impression of your house. It’s ingenious because not everyone has the same tastes as you and buyers are fickle.


If you are a homeowner or landlord in the UK, and you’ve completed these steps carefully, you can then get an online property valuation through Rentals and Sales. All you have to do is enter your address details here, and we’ll give you an indication of what your property is worth. It’s as simple as that.