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Searching for a new home? We can help you

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Searching for a new home? We can help you

When it comes to moving out and constantly looking for a new home, two things can happen - either you will find your dream home very quickly or you might look over and over for months and get stuck in a loop. We’ve all been there and you are not alone. There are a lot of things to be considered before you get the decision about your new home: the location, the monies that you will spend on rent and finding the perfect roommate. It might be a long journey, but with every new move in, new lifetime experiences are occurring.

Your rental company has been taking care of tenants like you for over 28 years until now. We would gladly help you too! One of the best things that will give you peace of mind is the fact that there are no tenancy fees at all! That is truly a relief for every tenant. Now let’s dive deep into what we do and what is the process if you would like to move in with us.

Who are

We are a family business with a history that spans over 28 years.

Our goal is to bring a sense of trustworthiness to those we work with. We put the client at the helm, with a caring attitude that ensures that their best interests are always kept safe throughout the lettings and sales process.

With relationships that transcend 3 decades of property knowledge, people consider us to be more than just an estate agent with many of our clients now recommending us to their colleagues and family.

Rentals and Sales are shining a new light on the UK property industry.

Frequently Asked Questions to consider when moving with

          1. If I like a property and want to place an offer, what is the very first step?

  • If you like a property and wish to take it, we ask you to place a holding deposit;
  • We then collect your references via our online platform
  • Once these have been received satisfactorily, we arrange for you to move in (Should you be refused due to failed references, you will receive your holding deposit back). The holding deposit is equal to two weeks rent (and is part payment of the 6-week deposit).

          2. How do I qualify to rent a property?

  • The annual income guideline to qualify for affordability to rent a property is calculated by the monthly rent x 30 (e.g. for a property that has a monthly rent of £1000, the combined income of all tenants must be at least £30000 per annum to pass without a guarantor or upfront payment);
  • Previous landlord references are preferable but not always essential;
  • Credit checks will be conducted. If you have any county court judgments or adverse credit, it is best to be upfront about this upon leaving your offer as they will be picked up during these checks
  • Right to rent checks are now a legal requirement so you must have a British/EU Passport or a valid VISA.

         3. What money is involved in the move in process?


  • 6 weeks security deposit (Held with DPS during the tenancy and refunded after vacation);
  • One month's rent for the first month you live at the property;
  • We do not charge you admin fees, but you do pay for your own reference checks via a third party online platform “Goodlord” - this is £30 including VAT per adult.

Looking for a new home really is a challenge so it is always good to have a conversation with property consultants and ask for help. This is a big step and we are always here to assist you in your searching.